Andrew Cook

DV Director/Shooting AP

The London Spelling Bee

Lots of tension, Lots of laughter, Lots of inappropriate jokes and Lots of fun

The London Spelling Bee is all of that and more.

Many of us are guilty nowadays of wanting everything we do socially to be a new experience, it must be different somehow, it can't be just ok anymore. Nights out are no longer about going to the pub and god forbid you actually talk to each other for the majority of the night.

I've been watching the birth of a new culture - a culture of young people in pursuit of weird and wacky things to do and hoping to get another hit from the thrill of the new and of course the resulting pictures...

So we find ourselves attending improbably named events with high concepts and usually more than often heavy disappointment, when surely most of us just want to have fun? To remember how to just enjoy the moment and live in it.

The London Spelling Bee takes this need and runs with it.

It has none of these bells and whistles or gimmicks we're used to and none of the disappointment we associate them with, and it’s all the better for it.

Jordi - the founder of the events company behind the Spelling Bee, is your memorable host for the evening and manages with such skill to keep 50-60 people laughing and having fun throughout an event, which in the wrong hands.. could be as dry as a Macdonalds Quarter Pounder.

Promising to get us all away from our screens for a good few hours, something which it seems is frequently becoming a concern for all of us as we dive deeper into our digital lives… Jordi gives us all a contestant number, explains the rules of the contest and warns us about the possible dangers of spelling our word too quickly - hilarious consequences that I'll leave you to discover on the night.

Modelled on the American high school style contests - where pupils are asked to spell specific words under incredible pressure, the Spelling Bee starts off harmlessly enough. But as the number of contestants started getting smaller and smaller - the competition hotted up and the room became full of whooping, foot stomping very funny hecklers. Creating for a Monday night quite a brilliant atmosphere.

Jordi - of course knows how to embrace these reactions and fulfils his earlier promise of getting us away from our screens, as most of us sit there cheering, supporting and sometimes goading the people on stage and fearing for our number to be called and experiencing the sweet relief the moment we've had our turn! 

By the time the room got down to the final five contestants, the entire audience was braced for a nail-biting finale and wow we got a great final! Shout out to Lauren who managed to claim the top prize by a whisker, as we headed into sudden death.

Throughout the night I just enjoyed being part of a living beating heart of people laughing, joking and genuinely enjoying themselves - not having heads buried in devices.

So how did i do….well I don't really want to talk about that…but I know I’ll be back for another go - you can bet on that!

So if you fancy having a go - get in touch with Jordi at Smudged Lipstick - Link Below.

Background image: Behind The Scenes on Piers Morgan's Life Stories