Andrew Cook

DV Director/Shooting AP

Gamechangers: Inventing The World - Series Premiere

Check out the teaser for the upcoming series Gamechangers: Inventing The World.

A 4 part series all about visionary scientists, engineers and inventors who trying to change our world.

I was instrumental in this exciting shows commission, developing, casting, shooting/cutting/produced taster tapes funded/non funded versions for each stage of the commission.

Once the show was commissioned I choose to stay on and  Story Produce/cast the full series. Over the course of 2 years of development and production of the series I gained plenty of casting and story producing experience, negotiating tough access to various institutions such as NASA, The European Space Agency and the Hadron Collider. I structured/scripted my own shoots, briefed contributors and then worked with them to draw out, plan, organise and schedule key moments in their stories and focus on getting the material needed for the edit.

Check out the international series teaser trailer below.

Background image: Behind The Scenes on Piers Morgan's Life Stories